Sale Graphics

Simple graphics that are timely and likely targeted to specific locations/stores.

Loyall - Square Graphic.jpg
Loyall - Link Graphic.jpg

Interactive GIFs

These GIFs can include captions of any kind that are related to the video. Most would probably be funny. I.e., a "Monday graphic" could include the sleepy dog with some sort of text like, "Case of the Mondays" or something similar. Friday could be the same but with an energetic and fun GIF. Video content can be user-submitted or can be pulled from web locations (all of which would be free and allowed to be used commercially, of course).


Style 2: rather than having text in the white area, just make the video box larger and put the Loyall Life logo. Say whatever you want to say in the actual post's caption/comment.


Tag Your Friend graphics

Tag a Friend - Vacuum Cleaner.jpg
Tag a friend - dog snores.jpg
Tag a Friend - Drinks from the toilet.jpg

Pet of the Day - Funny Backgrounds

Photoshop people's real dogs into funny backgrounds and frames. Backgrounds can be static or moving around a bit. Millions of different styles can be used for the frames and the 'theme' of the background. The funnier/sillier the dog's pictures are, the funnier and sillier the graphics become. Crazy, but could work!


This concept can also be used with movement as a GIF or looping video:


Did You Know Facts (video or graphic)

There are trillions of dog and pet facts across the Internet -- thousands of these could be created, whether video or graphic.

lbj graphic.jpg