24. Brochures, catalogs, etc.: Directed at dealers, distributors or sales reps and all others serving agribusiness (1 or more elements)

About the Ad

The below collateral card was designed for The YARDS, a brand new, state-of-the-art education center which focuses on the science and practices of the beef cattle industry. The card was handed out to individuals from Kentucky and neighboring states during the grand opening (and following weeks) of the Blue Grass Stockyards. Several thousand individuals and businesses directly and indirectly associated with the cattle industry attended the Stockyards during this time.

Advertising Goal

The postcard was designed at the time of the opening of The YARDS and its new educational facility, and was intended to spread awareness of the organization and its mission to individuals in the beef and cattle industry. In addition, it was important to the client that the acronym Y.A.R.D.S. was understood and recognized by the public: Youth, Advocacy, Research, Demonstration and Scientific Learning. 

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